Hyundai i-30: Rear Door / Rear Door Module

Hyundai i30 (PD) 2018-2023 Service Manual / Body (Interior and Exterior) / Rear Door / Rear Door Module

Components and components location
Component Location

1. Rear door module

Repair procedures
Remove the rear door window glass.
(Refer to Rear Door - "Rear Door Window Glass")
Remove the rear door outside handle.
(Refer to Rear Door - "Rear Door Outside Handle")
Thereby releasing the rear door clearance channel mounting bolt and nuts.
Tightening torque :
Nut : 7.8 - 11.8 N.m (0.8 - 1.2 Kgf.m) 5.8 - 8.7 lb-ft
Bolt : 8.8 - 113.7 N.m (0.9 - 1.4Kgf.m) 6.5 - 10.1 lb-ft
Remove the rear door channel (A).

Loosen the rear door outside handle base mounting screw (A).
Tightening torque :
3.9 - 4.9 N.m (0.4 - 0.5 kgf.m, 2.9 - 3.6 lb-ft)

Loosen the rear door latch mounting screws (A).
Tightening torque :
6.9 - 10.8 N.m (0.7 - 1.1 kgf.m, 5.0 - 8.0 lb-ft)

Remove the rear door module wiring cover (A).

Disconnect the rear door main connector (A).

After loosening the mounting bolts, remove the rear door module (A).
Tightening torque :
8.8 - 13.7 N.m (0.9 - 1.4 kgf.m, 6.5 - 10.6 lb-ft)

Disconnect the rear door main wiring (A).

Remove the rear door latch assembly.
(Refer to Front Door - "rear Door Latch")
Reomove the rear speaker.
(Refer to Body Electrical System - "Speakers")
Remove the rear power window motor.
(Refer to Body Electrical System - "Power Window Motor")
To install, reverse removal procedure.
Make sure connectors are connected properly and each rod is connected securely.
Make sure the door locks / unlocks and opens / closes properly.

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