Hyundai i-30: SRSCM / Passenger Airbag (PAB) ON/OFF Switch

Hyundai i30 (PD) 2018-2023 Service Manual / Restraint / SRSCM / Passenger Airbag (PAB) ON/OFF Switch

Description and operation
Driver can control the passenger airbag operating Condition (Enable or Disable) by using this PAB ON/OFF switch.
Passenger Airbag (PAB) ON/OFF Switch is installed in the crash pad side cover.
Repair procedures
Remove the crash pad side cover (A).

Disconnect the PAB ON/OFF connector (A).

Remove the PAB ON/OFF switch (A) by pressing the both side of hooks.

Install in the reverse order of the removal.

    Side Impact Sensor (SIS)

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    Airbag Module


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    Hyundai i30 (PD) 2018-2023 Service Manual: Components and components location


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    Air bag - supplemental restraint system

    Hyundai i30. Air bag - supplemental restraint system

    1. Driver’s front air bag
    2. Passenger’s front air bag
    3. Side air bag*
    4. Curtain air bag*
    5. Knee air bag*
    6. Front passenger air bag ON/OFF switch

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