Hyundai i-30: Panorama sunroof / Sunshade

Hyundai i30 (PD) 2018-2023 Owner's Manual / Convenient features of your vehicle / Panorama sunroof / Sunshade

Hyundai i30. Sunshade

  • To open the sunshade, pull the sunroof control lever backward (1) to the first detent position.
  • To close the sunshade when the sunroof glass is closed, push the sunroof control lever forward (2).

To stop the sunroof movement at any point, push the sunroof control lever either forward or backward momentarily.


Activating the control lever to the first detent requires only a very light touch.

    Panorama sunroof

    If your vehicle is equipped with a sunroof, you can slide or tilt your sunroof with the sunroof control lever located on the overhead console. The ignition switch must be in the ON position before you can open or close the sunroof...

    Sliding the sunroof

    When the sunshade is closed If you push the sunroof control lever backward past the first detent, the sunshade will slide all the way open and then the sunroof glass will slide all the way open...

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    Air bag - supplemental restraint system

    Hyundai i30. Air bag - supplemental restraint system

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    2. Passenger’s front air bag
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    5. Knee air bag*
    6. Front passenger air bag ON/OFF switch

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