Hyundai i-30: If you have a flat tyre (with spare tyre) / Jack and tools

Hyundai i30 (PD) 2018-2024 Owner's Manual / What to do in an emergency / If you have a flat tyre (with spare tyre) / Jack and tools

Hyundai i30. Jack and tools

(1) Jack handle
(2) Jack
(3) Wheel nut wrench

The jack, jack handle, and wheel nut wrench are stored in the luggage compartment under the luggage box cover.

The jack is provided for emergency tyre changing only.

Hyundai i30. Jack and tools

Turn the winged hold down bolt counterclockwise to remove the spare tyre.

Store the spare tyre in the same compartment by turning the winged hold down bolt clockwise.

To prevent the spare tyre and tools from "rattling", store them in their proper location.

Hyundai i30. Jack and tools

If it is hard to loosen the tyre holddown wing bolt by hand, you can loosen it easily using the jack handle.

1. Put the jack handle (1) inside of the tyre hold-down wing bolt.

2. Turn the tyre hold-down wing bolt counterclockwise with the jack handle.

    If you have a flat tyre (with spare tyre)

    WARNING Changing a tyre can be dangerous. Follow the instructions in this section when changing a tyre to reduce the risk of serious injury or death...

    Changing tyres

    WARNING A vehicle can slip or roll off of a jack causing serious injury or death to you or those nearby. Take the following safety precautions: Do not get under a vehicle that is supported by a jack...

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