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Hyundai i30 (PD) 2018-2022 Owner's Manual / Maintenance / Tyres and wheels / Low aspect ratio tyres

A low aspect ratio tyre, of which the aspect ratio is lower than 50, is designed for a sporty-look vehicle. The low aspect ratio is to optimize handling and braking. Thus, it may be uncomfortable to ride and it may generate noises, in comparison with a normal tyre.


The side wall of a low aspect ratio tyre is shorter than the nor- mal one. Thus, the lowaspect wheel and tyre are easily dam- aged. Follow the below instructions.

  • When driving on a rough road or driving off a road, be careful not to damage the tyres and wheels. After driving, inspect the tyres and wheels.
  • When passing over a pothole, speed bump, manhole, or kerb stone, slowly drive the vehicle not to damage the tyres and wheels.
  • When there is an impact on a tyre, inspect the tyre condition. Or, contact a HYUNDAI authorised repairer.
  • Inspect the tyre condition and pressure every 1,800 miles (3,000 km) to prevent a tyre damage.
  • It is difficult to recognise a tyre damage only with your eyes. When there is a slight hint of a tyre damage, check and replace the tyre to prevent the damage caused by air leakage.
  • When a tyre is damaged whilst driving on a rough road, off a road, or over obstacles, such as a pothole, manhole, or kerb stone, your warranty does not cover the damage.
  • The tyre information is specified on the tyre side wall.

    Tyre sidewall labelling

    This information identifies and describes the fundamental characteristics of the tyre and also provides the tyre identification number (TIN) for safety standard certification...


    A vehicle’s electrical system is protected from electrical overload damage by fuses. This vehicle has 2 (or 3) fuse panels, one located in the driver’s side panel bolster, the other in the engine compartment...

    Other information:

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