Hyundai i-30: Panorama sunroof / Repair procedures

Hyundai i30 (PD) 2018-2024 Service Manual / Body (Interior and Exterior) / Panorama sunroof / Repair procedures

Inspect Glass Alignment
Perform considerable step alignment after replacing movable glass (A).

A - A

B- B

C -C

D - D

Perform hight adjustment releasing height adjust screw (A) a bit.
Be careful not to damage screws.

Initializing motor
Perform rest procedure When Start [ON] or motor is running.
Close enough panorama sunroof glass (about 5 sec) and blind (about 5 sec).
Hand off from adjusting lever when glass and blind are closed enough.
Press adjusting lever (10 sec) until glass and blind is moving a bit once again to sunroof close direction when glass and blind is closed enough.
Hand off and press panorama sunroof adjusting lever to close direction then glass and blind is opened and closed [①Blind is open in slide mode ②Sunroof glass is opened and closed in slide mode after tilt ③Blind is closed] Initializing is done. Never hand off from adjusting lever until finished completely.
In case of motor initializing
First operation after manufactured
When rest value is initialized or damaged by power failure or discharging
After operating emergency handle
When replacing battery and fuse
After replacing motor and reparing sunroof
Emergency operation
Emergency operation of panorama sunroof should not be performed except in case of closing or opening panorama sunroof when motor is defected.
Panorama sunroof should be closed or opened after removing roof trim using hexgonal wrench. Do not use excessive force.
Perform initialization when necessary according the initialization procedure.

    Components and components location

    Components 1. Mechanism rail assembly 2. Center cover assembly 3. Roller blind assembly 4. Glass motor 5. Roller blind motor 6...

    Movable Glass

    Repair procedures Replacement 1. Open movable glass completely pressing panorama sunroof switch. 2...

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    Panorama sunroof

    If your vehicle is equipped with a sunroof, you can slide or tilt your sunroof with the sunroof control lever located on the overhead console.

    Hyundai i30. Panorama sunroof

    The ignition switch must be in the ON position before you can open or close the sunroof.

    The sunroof can be operated for approximately 30 seconds after the ignition key is removed or turned to the ACC or LOCK(or OFF) position. However, if the front door is opened, the sunroof cannot be operated even within 30 seconds.

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