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Hyundai i30. Resetting the sunroof

The sunroof may need to be reset if the following conditions occur:

- The battery is discharged or disconnected or the sunroof fuse has been replaced or disconnectedБЮ - The sunroof control lever is not operating correctly

To reset the sunroof, perform the following steps:

1. Turn the engine on and close the sunroof glass and sunshade completely.

2. Release the control lever.

3. Push and hold the sunroof control lever forward (to close the sunshade) for about 10 seconds until the sunroof moves slightly, then release the control lever.

4. Push and hold the sunroof control lever forward until the sunroof operates as follows:

Sunshade Open →Glass Tilt Open →Glass Slide Open →Glass Slide Close → Sunshade Close

Then, release the control lever.

When this is complete, the sunroof system is reset.

For more details, contact a HYUNDAI authorised repairer.


If you do not reset the sunroof, it may not work properly.

    Closing the sunroof

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