Hyundai i-30: Motor Driven Power Steering / MDPS Assembly

Hyundai i30 (PD) 2018-2024 Service Manual / Steering System / Motor Driven Power Steering / MDPS Assembly

Repair procedures
Disconnect the battery negative cable from the battery and then wait for at least 30 seconds.
Turn the steering wheel so that the front wheels are placed in the straight ahead position.
Remove the driver airbag module (DAB).

Insert the end of the flat tool along the guide hole.
Disconnect the airbag module connector (A) and horn connector (B).

Disconnect the connector and then remove the steering wheel by loosening the lock bolt.
Tightening torque :
44.1 - 49.0 N.m (4.5 - 5.0 kgf.m, 32.5 - 36.2 lb-ft)

Do not reuse the steering lock bolt.
When assembling, match the gear teeth as the below illustration.

Remove the lower sroud (B) by loosening the screw after removing the upper shroud (A).

Disconnect the clock spring connector.

Remove the clock spring (A).

When istalling, follow the procedures below.
[Clock spring manual neutral setting procedure]
Turn the clock spring clockwise until it stops.

When it comes to a stop, turn it counter-clockwise and align the neutral mark ( ▶◀ ).

Disconnect the multifunction switch connector.

Loosen the screw and then remove the multifunction switch.

Remove the crash pad lower panel.
(Refer to Body - "Crash Pad")
Remove the knee airbag (A).

Disconnect the MPDS ECU connector.

Remove the fixed clip (A) and then remove the wiring from the steering column.

Loosen the bolt (A) and then disconnect the universal joint assembly from the pinion of the steering gear box.
Tightening torque :
M8 BOLT : 32.4 - 37.3 N.m (3.3 - 3.8 kgf.m, 23.9 - 27.5 lb-ft)
M10 BOLT : 49.0 - 58.8 N.m (5.0 - 6.0 kgf.m, 36.2 - 43.4 lb-ft)

Do not reuse the bolt.
Lock the steering wheel in the straight ahead position to prevent the damage of the clock spring inner cable.
When assembling, insert the shark pin into the universal joint york slot as the illustration below .v

Remove the MDPS assembly by loosening the mounting nuts (A) and bolt (B).
Tightening torque
Nut : 25.0 - 29.4 N.m (2.5 - 3.0 kgf.m, 14.5 - 21.7 lb-ft)
Bolt : 53.9 - 58.8 N.m (5.5 - 6.0 kgf.m, 39.8 - 43.4 lb-ft)

Install in the reverse order of removal.
Conduct the "ASP Calibration" and "EPS Type Recognition" by GDS.
(Refer to MDPS Assembly - "Diagnosis with GDS")
Conduct the MDPS TEST.
Loosen the bolt (A) and then disconnect the universal joint assembly from the steering column assembly.
Tightening torque :
49.0 - 58.8 N.m (5.0 - 6.0 kgf.m, 39.8 - 43.4 lb-ft)

Do not reuse the universal joint bolt.
To reassembly, reverse the disassembly procedure.
When assembling, match the gear teeth as the below illustration.

Install in the reverser order of removal.
Conduct the "EPS Type Recognition" by Diagnostic tool.
(Refer to MDPS Motor - "Diagnosis with Diagnostic tool")
Conduct the "SAS Calibration" by diagnostic tool.
(Refer to MDPS Motor - "Diagnosis with Diagnostic tool")
Check the DTC.
Turn off the IGN switch and wait for 20 seconds or more. Then check the operation after starting the engine.

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