Hyundai i-30: Crankcase Emission Control System / Schematic diagrams

Hyundai i30 (PD) 2018-2023 Service Manual / Emission Control System / Crankcase Emission Control System / Schematic diagrams

Schematic Diagram

    Crankcase Emission Control System


    Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Valve

    Description and operation Operation Principle 1. PCV Valve (Appearance) 2. PCV Valve operating condition 3...

    Other information:

    Hyundai i30 (PD) 2018-2023 Service Manual: Front Driveshaft

    Components and components location Components 1. Driveshaft (LH) 2. Dynamic damper 3. Driveshaft (RH) Repair procedures Removal 1. Loosen the wheel nuts slightly...

    Hyundai i30 (PD) 2018-2023 Owner's Manual: Installing a Child Restraint System (CRS)

    WARNING Before installing your Child Restraint System always: Read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the Child Restraint System. Failure to follow all warnings and instructions could increase the risk of the SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH if an accident occurs...



    Opening the tailgate

    Hyundai i30. Tailgate

    ■ 5 Door, Wagon

    Hyundai i30. Tailgate

    ■ Fastback

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