Hyundai i-30: Intelligent speed limit warning (ISLW) system / System setting and activation

Hyundai i30 (PD) 2018-2022 Owner's Manual / Driving your vehicle / Intelligent speed limit warning (ISLW) system / System setting and activation

System setting

  • The driver can activate the Speed Limit Warning by selecting 'User Settings → Driver assistance → Intelligent Speed Limit Warning'.
  • When the ISLW is activated, the symbols appear on the instrument cluster to display the speed limit information and overtaking restriction.
  • When the ISLW is activated in the navigation setting, the above information and the restriction are also displayed on the navigation.

System activation

  • The ISLW displays the speed limit information and alerts the overtaking restriction, when your vehicle passes by the relevant traffic signs.
  • The ISLW displays the previous speed limit information, right after the ignition switch is placed to the ON position.
  • You may find different speed limit information for the same road. The information is displayed depending on the driving situations. Because, traffic signs with additional sign (e.g. rainy, arrow, etc.) are also detected and compared with vehicle internal data (e.g. wiper operation, turn signal, etc.).


The speed limit information on the instrument cluster may differ from the one on the navigation. In this case, check the speed unit setting on the navigation.

    Intelligent speed limit warning (ISLW) system

    The ISLW displays the speed limit information and overtaking restriction through the instrument cluster and the navigation. The ISLW detects the traffic signs through a front view camera, which is attached on the upper part of the inner front windscreen...


    Display in cluster The cluster displays the speed limit information, overtaking restriction, detailed conditional speed limit and detailed overtaking restrictions...

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