Hyundai i-30: Driving your vehicle / Smart cruise control (SCC) with stop & go system

Hyundai i30 (PD) 2018-2024 Owner's Manual / Driving your vehicle / Smart cruise control (SCC) with stop & go system

Hyundai i30. system

➀ Cruise indicator
➁ Set speed
➂ Vehicle-to-vehicle distance

To see the SCC screen on the LCD display in the cluster, select ASSIST mode (Hyundai i30. system). For more information, refer to “LCD Display Modes” in chapter 3.

The Smart Cruise Control System allows you to program the vehicle to maintain constant speed and minimum distance between the vehicle ahead.

The Smart Cruise Control System will automatically adjust your vehicle speed to maintain your programmed speed and following distance without requiring you to depress the accelerator or brake pedals.


For your safety, please read the owner's manual before using the Smart Cruise Control system.


The Smart Cruise Control System is not a substitute for safe driving practices, but a convenience function only. It is the responsibility of the driver to always check the speed and distance to the vehicle ahead.


Take the following precautions :

  • Always set the vehicle speed under the speed limit in your country.
  • If the Smart Cruise Control is left on, (cruise (Hyundai i30. system) indicator light in the instrument cluster is illuminated) the Smart Cruise Control can be activated unintentionally. Keep the Smart Cruise Control System off (cruise (Hyundai i30. system) indicator light OFF) when the Smart Cruise Control is not in use, to avoid inadvertently setting a speed.
  • Use the Smart Cruise Control System only when travelling on open highways in good weather.
  • Do not use the Smart Cruise Control when it may not be safe to keep the vehicle at a constant speed:
    - When driving in heavy traffic or when traffic conditions make it difficult to drive at a constant speed
    - When driving on rainy, icy, or snow-covered roads
    - When driving on a steep downhill or uphill
    - When driving in windy areas
    - When driving in parking lots
    - When driving near crash barriers
    - When driving on a sharp curve
    - When driving with limited view (possibly due to bad weather, such as fog, snow, rain or sandstorm)
    - When the vehicle sensing ability decreases due to vehicle modification resulting level difference of the vehicle's front and rear
  • Unexpected situations may lead to possible accidents. Pay attention continuously to road conditions and driving even when the smart cruise control system is being operated.

Smart cruise control switch

Hyundai i30. system

O : Cancels cruise control operation.

Hyundai i30. system: Turns cruise control system on or off.

RES+: Resumes or increases cruise control speed.

SET-: Sets or decreases cruise control speed.

Hyundai i30. system: Sets vehicle-to-vehicle distance.

Hyundai i30. system


First, switch the mode to Smart Cruise Control by pressing the Hyundai i30. system button if equipped with the Speed Limit Control System.

The mode changes, as below, whenever the Hyundai i30. system button is pressed.

Hyundai i30. system

Cruise control

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Smart Cruise Control speed

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