Hyundai i-30: Lane keeping assist (LKA) system / Limitations of the System

Hyundai i30 (PD) 2018-2024 Owner's Manual / Driving your vehicle / Lane keeping assist (LKA) system / Limitations of the System

The LKA system may operate prematurely even if the vehicle does not depart from the intended lane, OR, the LKA system may not warn you if the vehicle leaves the intended lane under the following circumstances:

When the lane and road conditions are poor

  • It is difficult to distinguish the lane marking from the road surface or the lane marking is faded or not clearly marked.
  • There are markings on the road surface that look like a lane line that is inadvertently being detected by the camera.
  • The lane line is merged or divided. (e.g. tollgate)
  • The lane number increases or decreases or the lane marker are crossing complicatedly.
  • There are more than two lane lines on the road in front of you.
  • The lane line is very thick or thin.
  • The lanes ahead are not visible due to rain, snow, water on the road, damaged or stained road surface, or other factors.
  • The shadow is on the lane marker by a median strip, trees, etc.
  • The lanes are incomplete or the area is in a construction zone.
  • There are crosswalk signs or other symbols on the road.
  • The lane line in a tunnel is stained with oil, etc.

When external condition is intervened

  • The brightness outside changes suddenly such as when entering or exiting a tunnel, or when passing under a bridge.
  • The brightness outside is too low such as when the headlamps are not on at night or the vehicle is going through a tunnel.
  • There is a boundary structure in the roadway such as a concrete barrier, guardrail and reflector post that is inadvertently being detected by the camera.
  • When light coming from a street light or an oncoming vehicle is reflected on a wet road surface such as a puddle in the road.
  • The field of view in front is obstructed by sun glare.
  • The lane suddenly disappears such as at the intersection.
  • There is not enough distance between you and the vehicle in front to be able to detect the lane line or the vehicle ahead is driving on the lane line.
  • Driving on a steep grade, over a hill, or when driving on a curved road.
  • The adverse road conditions cause excessive vehicle vibrations whilst driving.
  • The surrounding of the inside rear view mirror temperature is high due to direct sunlight.

When front visibility is poor

  • The windscreen or the LKA camera lens is blocked with dirt or debris.
  • The windscreen glass is fogged up; a clear view of the road is obstructed.
  • Placing objects on the dashboard, etc.

    Warning light and message

    Check LKA system If there is a problem with the system a message will appear for a few seconds. If the problem continues the LKA system failure indicator will illuminate...

    LKA system function change

    The driver can change LKA to the Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system or change the LKA system mode between Standard LKA and Active LKA from the LCD display...

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    Opening the bonnet

    Hyundai i30. Bonnet

    1. Park the vehicle and set the parking brake.

    2. Pull the release lever to unlatch the bonnet. The bonnet should pop open slightly.

    Hyundai i30. Bonnet

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